Lake Geneva Bed & Breakfast Specials

We offer great prices for an extended stay at our Lake Geneva Bed & Breakfast. Please call our location in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin at 1-262-248-1834. We are the Bed & Breakfast for a Romantic Getaway in downtown Lake Geneva.

About Sheldon House/History:
Sheldon House Bed & Breakfast is located on Cook Street, one block from the Geneva Lake and is in the newly formed historic district of the City of Lake Geneva. Descriptively it has decorative window molds, elaborate porch cornices, punctuated with a steep gabled roof. Architecturally, it is pure gothic revival built by E Salisbury in 1865. From then to now it has been a residence, doctor's office and a boarding house. The boarding house was run by Alice Sheldon a Lake Geneva schoolteacher. Our recent purchase has seen an eclectic transformation; melding new with old, adding a flavor of European modern to American vintage. Sheldon House Bed & Breakfast is born! Our house is your house.

About your hosts:
Brunhilde [far right] and Terry Bucki [center] along with their constant companion Starbuck, the wonder dog [seated] own and operate Sheldon House Bed & Breakfast. The conception of Sheldon House started with a dream and an idea then blossomed into reality through the melding of talents. Brunhilde tackles the every day running of events and is an excellent cook. Terry and Starbuck are your tour guides, but mostly sit around and look nice.

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